We are more than just our hospice site...

We’re comfort, dignity and compassion wherever you are.

That’s why we offer care to our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether that’s over the phone or a visit at home; our community services offer patients more choice about the care they receive.

Whenever, wherever, we are here for you.

24 Hour Advice Line

Our 24/7 advice line service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing us to offer telephone support day or night. So whether it’s help with managing pain or a question about medication or symptoms; our community team are always on hand.

Get in touch on 01782 344300

Community Hub

Our Community Hub work closely with our 24/7 advice line to support patients with sudden and urgent matters. The team work responsively to support patients who are struggling at home and can also offer emotional, psychological, spiritual care. The team are well connected within the community in order to signpost patients to external organisations, social services and district nurses to offer more support.

Geographical Teams

Our Geographical Teams comprise of experienced Palliative Care Nurse Specialists (PCNS) who work closely with a group of local GP practices to provide symptom management as well as social, emotional, physical and psychological support in the home. On referral, our community nurses will carry out a full assessment in order to create a suitable treatment plan to suit the patient's needs.

Telephone Caseload

For patients who are stable in their diagnosis and managing their symptoms well we have a dedicated team of healthcare support workers who keep in regular telephone contact to provide a holistic package of care. The team are vital in ensuring our patients remain comfortable and empowered at home.

“The nurses stayed with us day and night and cared for my son in a very special and sensitive way; they became our friends and we trusted them whole heartedly.”

Hospice at Home

The Hospice at Home service supports patients in their last two weeks of life. The team provides practical support including personal hygiene, wound care, management of pressure areas and emotional care for patients, their carers and families.

“Initially the Hospice at Home healthcare support workers just visited for a couple of hours at a time to give my mum a break. As dad’s needs increased, they came more frequently and stayed late into the night if we needed. They just slotted into our everyday lives and became part of the family.

Having dad at home meant we could all be together with no restrictions. We shared special moments that wouldn’t have been possible without Hospice at Home.

You can’t begin to imagine how brilliant the team are at supporting patients and their families at such a traumatic time.”

-Hospice at Home Patient’s Daughter

24/7 Patient Advice Line: 01782 344300

The advice line is staffed by Palliative Care Nurse Specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.