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Local MP Visits Dougie Mac Children and Young Adult Services

Jack Brereton, MP for Stoke-on-Trent South, today visited Dougie Mac’s children and young adult’s services in Trentham to understand more about the vital services and support the hospice gives to local families.

The local MP was welcomed by David Webster, Chief Executive of Dougie Mac; Jannette McCartney, Director of Care and Jane Jones, Head of Children and Young Adult Services. Jack also had the opportunity to see some of the children and young adults who are supported by Dougie Mac and understand more about the specialist care and support they receive from the hospice.

Jack was particularly interested to learn how the charity has developed its care services for children and young adults following the amalgamation of The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice into Dougie Mac last year. He was also eager to visit Dougie Mac’s young adult unit for the first time. The purpose-built facility gives young adults the opportunity to socialise with their peers, access the community and learn skills to support their independence, supported by a dedicated clinical team.

David Webster said, “It was a pleasure to welcome Jack to our children and young adult’s site in Trentham and to have the opportunity to talk to him about the wide range of care and support services we offer. When we amalgamated The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice into Dougie Mac last year, our main priority was to reinstate our children’s services to seven day opening and to re-start our support programme for young adults. To achieve this, we recruited new colleagues to boost our clinical teams and also refurbished parts of the children’s site to ensure we have a bright, welcoming environment.

“I was particularly proud to show Jack our excellent facilities for young adults. Since last October we’ve recruited 10 staff to our young adults care team alone, which means we’re now able to offer regular day care opportunities, as well as overnight respite and community support to almost 40 young adults from across the local area. Without these services, these young adults would have no suitable alternative opportunities.”

Jack recently visited Dougie Mac’s newly located Longton shop where he met staff, volunteers and supporters. This encouraged him to learn more about the work of the hospice, particularly following the landmark amalgamation of children’s and adult’s services.

Jack added, “Dougie Mac is an incredible local charity, and I was delighted to be able to visit the site in Trentham Lakes, especially given the new facility they now have to support young adults. The new facility provides a vitally important service for young adults which was desperately needed locally. 

“I was very pleased to meet some of the staff providing services to young people, the care and support they provide is truly outstanding. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff and volunteers at the

hospice for all they do. It was great to hear how they are going from strength to strength following Dougie Mac taking on The Donna Louise Hospice last year.

“Dougie Mac depends on donations, and I know many people across North Staffordshire continue to give their support very generously. Thank you to all those who have supported Dougie Mac and please do continue to do all you can to support their vital work.”