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Lucky Winner from Cheddleton Scoops the £5,000 Lottery Rollover Prize!

Congratulations to Louise from Cheddleton who bought the lucky lottery ticket and won a huge £5,000 in our lottery rollover draw!

The rollover prize has been steadily increasing by £250 per week and finally reached the £5,000 must win amount on Friday 7th July.

Delighted with her prize winnings, Louise said: “I’ve only been playing the Dougie Mac Lottery since November 2022, so when I saw the number flash up on my phone I wondered why they were calling. The lovely lady on the other end said, ‘it’s nothing to worry about, I’ve got some good news for you’.

“Obviously I never expected that she was calling to say I had won the £5,000. I thought she was going to say I’d won £100 or something, so when she said it was the top prize I felt like one of those people on TV who say ‘I just can’t believe it – it never happens to me!’

“I put the phone down and told everyone in my office, they just didn’t believe me. I told my husband I’d won, but kept him guessing about how much, so when I finally told him it was £5,000 he was as shocked as me.

“I think we’ll probably spend it on a holiday. It’s my husband’s 60th Birthday later in the year, so maybe something special to celebrate that would be nice.

“Since I won I’ve been telling all my colleagues to sign up, it’s really easy to join and it doesn’t cost much each month.”

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