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Margaret’s Story

In 2019, Darren was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Throughout Darren’s illness Dougie Mac were my absolute rock; reassuring us that they were there whenever we needed them. 

Following several rounds of unsuccessful treatment and numerous admissions to hospital, Darren wanted to spend his last weeks at home; surrounded by his home comforts and pets. The Hospice at Home team granted Darren’s wish and quickly put plans in to place to help me care for him at home.   

From the moment they arrived they slotted right into our family and brought comfort, dignity and laughter back into our lives. The nurses stayed with us day and night and cared for Darren in a very special and sensitive way; they became our friends and we trusted them whole heartedly.

Darren passed away in December 2020 aged just 47. Without the angels at Dougie Mac, Darren would not have had his peaceful end at home as he had hoped.