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Invisible Christmas Present


£10 could pay for a day of home cooked meals for a patient to enjoy.

£25 could pay for an hours music therapy for children and young adults.

£50 could pay towards pain relief for patients at a time when they need it most.


A Gift that keeps on giving…

Buying an Invisible Present to gift to those who say they have no need for material things will enable Dougie Mac to continue to provide excellent specialist care now and in the future.

When you order an Invisible Present you will receive a card and, this Christmas, you can choose to receive a decorated feather bauble with 50 confetti too, which you may pass on or keep for yourself.

Thank you.



Additional information

Donation Amount

£10.00, £25.00, £50.00

Card Design

No Card, Blue, Multi

Feather Bauble Required

Yes, No